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MobilGC 2 - Mobile gas analysis

MobilGC 2
MobilGC 2
Case with MobilGC 2 
Case suitable for outdoor use

Portable gas chromatograph with internal gas supply

The MobilGC 2 is a gas-phase chromatograph and easy to use. The device is suitable for on-site operation, online process monitoring and laboratory work. Its special feature is the internal gas supply, which allows the on-site use.

You can chose between two detectors (FID, TCD) or both, according to the analytical problem. Commonly capillary columns as well as packed and micro packed columns can be used. The columns are individually heated. It is possible to adjust various temperature programs for each column. Your sample is injected manually or automatically into a sample loop. The automatic injection is realized by an internal pump.

The comfortable software allows fast and accurate analysis and various evaluation modes. Fully automated online measurements are possible.


  • Emission and immission measurements
  • On-site-analysis, process control, online monitoring
  • Suitable for continuous limit value monitoring of total concentration of hydrocarbons in gas samples
  • Integrated gas extraction technique, specifically for head-space-technique or gas-in-oil analysis



  • Integrated carrier and fuel gas supply for one week (40 operating hours)
  • One or two commercially available capillary columns (packed or micro-packed separation columns)
  • Individual, column-specific heating (isothermal or with selectable temperature gradient up to 250 °C)
  • Application of coupled column techniques
  • Carrier gas argon, nitrogen, helium or hydrogen
  • Methanizer for quantitative converting of CO and CO2 into methane
  • Detectors (FID, TCD) with high detection sensitivity and digital data acquisition
  • Comfortable software with various measuring methods for device control
  • Automatic evaluation of the chromatograms obtained (single peak and sum peak integration)
  • Application-dependent expert systems and evaluation procedures
  • Hardware adaptation to different sample types
  • Fully automatic measurement processes and simple calibration procedure
  • Special gas-in-oil analysis with vacuum/partial vacuum degassing
  • Process monitoring by means of overview and detailed measurements

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MobilGC 2